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Women vs Men – Purchasing Behavior

I believe most people know that there is a difference in behavior between men versus women when shopping.  Ever wonder why?  Why is it that women enjoy the shopping experience, and take their time perusing around the different areas of the store, while men try to avoid the shopping experience?  Is there a retail strategy that exists that can address the gender differences?  According to this article, women react more strongly to personal interaction, whereas for men, the utlitarian aspects of the shopping experience such as proximity of parking spots, length of checkout line, etc. are most important.

One of the people interviewed for this article mentioned that women are gatherers and men are hunters.  Consequently, women have better peripheral vision than men, and would benefit them as gatherers.  Men are interested in finding the right product, and want quick answers, and being able to leave the store quickly.  Women on the other hand, prefer to have a more personal interaction with the sales associate with more eye contact, support and collaboration during the buying process. 

Retailers need to have their sales associates adapt to not only gender differences amongst the customers, but also differences in demographic and  psychographic makeup.  Sales associates need to be an engager, expediter and educator.