mountain biking at Mono Cliffs

mountain biking at Mono Cliffs

My name is Simon Li, and I’m a former Assistant Account Executive who is interested in becoming an Account Planner.  I’m in the process of a career change from being part of the Account Services team and working client-side on Product Management/Pricing/Forecasting to Account Planning.

I have written more about this here and here

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2 responses to “About

  1. hey, simon,

    just wanted to congratulate you on your site. i have a friend that just launched his own site, but instead of a blog about stuff, it’s got articles about anything financial – moneywisdom.com. maybe you guys can get in touch with one another.

    great job!


  2. Hi Simon,

    This blog is amazing and so informative. I’m currently an advertising student and interested in going into going into account planning. I’m looking forward to reading more. Any ideas/insight on how to get into the industry right out of college? I’ve only talked to people in creative departments, and they say it’s a bit different from getting into the account planning side. Any input would be great.

    Thanks and awesome job!


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