Are Concept Products a good idea?





This article favors designing a product/service that has real-life constraints that can be tangible or cognitive in design, so that designers can work realistically with models that are designed for real world use.  It gives the example of Microsoft and Nokia, both of whom designed multiple concepts that were never conceptualized in the marketplace.  Whereas, Apple, known as an industrial design leader that has revolutionized how we as consumer interact, and changed the overall business model between various parties in the telecommunications and entertainment industries has never released concept models.  The iMac, iPod and iPhone all do not have concepts.  The article even mentions that realistic designs are able to balance reality and fantasy.




The article even argues that designing concepts are not advantageous.  Is it to display the company’s best technologies and way of thinking? If so, this exposes their future technologies and future weaknesses.  Is it also to mislead its competitors? If so, doing this is an expensive proposition. 



I’m not sure if I agree with this author, having intelligently designed products or services as a concept, can lead to favorable press and set the upcoming trends.  For example, in many auto shows lately, many automakers are clamoring to produce either environmentally friendly vehicles or higher performance ones – the ultimate dichotomy.  It only indicates that consumers still consider performance as an important driver in their car purchasing behavior.  I think having concepts that are similar to a realistic vehicle enables feedback from a variety of parties including press, and consumer groups.  I think having a concept that is far from reality is somewhat as the author of this article states, pointless.


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