What if Apple and Google teamed up?



Wouldn’t be great if you could use any computer anywhere in the world, and still have access to all your files and software applications?  The author, Nicholas Carr, believes that this is inevitable.  A strategic partnership between Apple and Google can make this into a reality.  Both Apple and Google are well-known for user-centric design.  Apple is masterful at front-end applications – graphic user interface and external design.  Google is a perfect partner for the back-end with its vast data centers, contextually-relevant ads and web-based applications. 



Apple could design PCs that merely consists of the CPU, LCD screen and a flash drive.  These PCs would be inexpensive and highly energy efficient because of its simplicity in design.  The hard drive and software applications would be available on the internet with Google providing the space and web applications.





In addition to its simplicity of design, which results in less moving parts, this would make this PC more reliable. It would be immune to viruses because the software and its storage centers are located on data centers on the internet.  Apple would generate revenue from these units through economies of scale.  Google would have contextually-relevant ads embedded with its applications.


2 responses to “What if Apple and Google teamed up?

  1. As an end-user, I cannot wait for the new “cloudbook”. I have already imagined how this new toy look like. Does it mean I do not need to worry for the virus anymore?

    I am a busy person but want to keep myself up to date. I like your site for summarizing articles to a page or two. Keep up with the good work.

  2. Thanks, Susan. Yes, viruses will no longer exist on these PCs. Most of your files would be located either on USB sticks or in cyberspace (e.g. on Google). The responsibility to safeguard against viruses would be borne on the service providers (e.g. Google).

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