Design in Business Process


This article is an interesting read about design.  Earlier posts have reiterated the importance of user friendly designs.  In the past, new technology without much thought to design was practiced.  Today, especially, with the younger generation, design is the most important criterion.  For example, the portable mp3 player market is dominated by Apple with their iPod.  Compared to its competitors, the iPod is easy to use, as there is only one button versus a multiplicity of them with other competitors.  Also, the graphic user interface is also friendly.



Businesses must become agile to adapt to this new age where barriers of entry are now low, which is facilitated by user-generated content. Transforming a business into becoming agile to embrace change can only be possible if innovation, risk taking, and radical ideas are embedded into the organizational culture. This is facilitated if throughout the organization, staff need to act, feel, and work like designers.



The article is summed up with this quote:   Design is the accelerator for the company car, the power train for sustainable profits. Design drives innovation, innovation powers brand, brand builds loyalty, and loyalty sustains profits. If you want long-term profits, don’t start with technology—start with design.


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