Behavioral Targeting



This interview is interesting for two reasons: 1) Contextual advertising is effective mainly for commercial interests.  In other words, if the consumer was looking for a certain product/service, then, ads that pertain to that product/service would surface. The interviewee, who is starting up a behavioral targeting firm, mentions that sometimes with contextual ads, the ads show up at inopportune moments, such as, if a user was looking for news relating to a suitcase bomb, an advertiser for suitcases would have an ad nearby.  She argued that the advertiser would preferably not want their name associated with the bomb.



2) With behavioral targeting, ads would be placed not based on what web page the user visits, but rather understanding the behavior of the user by referencing past web pages and keywords, and ensuring the ads are relevant to the user.  In addition, this becomes a win-win situation for both the advertiser and website operator.


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