Is open innovation becoming the norm?

The above link is about how open source innovation is changing the paradigms of how businesses think, and react.

A while back, there was a very insightful article written by Piers Fawkes from Psfk regarding how shielding some market research processes could stiffle innovation.  
I think this article expands on that piece written by Piers.  A major benefit derived through open innovation is that the quality of the products that were co-developed by the development community (many of whom were not employees of the companies that were bidding projects via open source) are equal or even exceeded those developed entirely in-house.  
Interestingly enough, monetary rewards was not the major motivation for the development community.  It was being able to contribute to a meaningful, yet relevant project and bringing this to reality.  
As this becomes an increasingly common practice, will there be a bigger debate between preservation of intellectual property rights versus open innovation?
What do you all think of this conundrum? Please discuss.

7 responses to “Is open innovation becoming the norm?

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